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Here is the famous Matsutake

Tricholoma magnivelare & Tricholoma caligatum (depending on who you listen to).

Collected in 2006


- March 27, 2009 -
Some of the dispute over the correct identification of these species has been cleared up by Dr. Clark Ovrebo, Tricholoma expert from the University of Central Oklahoma.
(Correspondence with and collection (2008) by John W. Sparks)

"We were successful in getting DNA from the specimens of T. focale, caligatum and magnivelare that you sent. The New Mexico collections of caligatum are a bit different from the fungus in the east, but we are not sure what we will do about that. T. magnivelare fits in nicely with other fungi of that group. T. focale is related to T. vaccinum and other brown viscid Tricholomas. At the moment Karen Hughes (U. Tennessee) and I are working on an overall picture of Tricholoma based on DNA sequencing and are not focusing on individual species complexes problems. So, for now we can safely use the above names for the fungi that you sent."


T. focale, T. caligatum, T. magnivelare

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